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We are the first sports fitness recovery center + spa of its kind in the Phoenix Arizona area

We offer customized treatments focused on keeping elite and amateur athletes and fitness minded individuals of all ages performing at their peak levels and feeling their best. Our specialized, customizable treatments also allow us the opportunity to cater to individuals with arthritis, circulatory issues, fibromyalgia, chronic and new injuries, migraines and more. Our mission is to get you back to your normal daily routine and workout schedule as quickly as possible.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the general (whole body) or local use of very low temperatures to help the body repair injury and facilitate healing. The term "cryotherapy" comes from the Greek cryo (κρυο) meaning cold, and therapy (θεραπεια) meaning cure. Professional athletes commonly use Cryotherapy as a powerful tool to increase athletic performance, decrease post work out lactate levels and speedup recovery time.


Cryo »

With Whole Body Cryotherapy, you spend one to three minutes in the sauna. The sauna is chilled by bursting a mix of surrounding air and the vapor of liquid nitrogen, lowering the temperature inside to between -240 and -270 degrees Fahrenheit.

When your body is exposed to the cold air, your brain reacts- signaling a response to protect the body against hypothermia. It pulls blood from the extremities, sending it to the core to protect your vital organs. For the duration of the session, the blood repeats in the core loop. Once the body resumes its normal temperature, the nutrient rich, detoxified, oxygenated blood is released back to the peripheral tissues facilitating the healing process.


Spot Cryo »

Spot Cryo is a process similar to Whole Body Cryotherapy; however this treatment utilizes pressurized liquid nitrogen to create a controlled, hyper-cooled stream to target specific areas of pain and inflammation, such as a knee, ankle or wrist.

The 5-10 minute spot treatment is more effective and efficient than hours of icing. Spot Cryo produces temperature of -22 degrees Fahrenheit and almost immediately begins to reduce pain, inflammation or swelling.


Cryo Facials »

Cryo Facials are given with a specialized wand which applies pressurized, super cooled liquid nitrogen vapor directly to the scalp, lashes, face and neck to reduce pore size, decrease wrinkles and lines, improve blood flow, brighten dark spots, and decrease under eye circles. Collagen production is stimulated deep within the dermal layer and hair growth is increased at the follicle level.