About Sport Cryo

Rush Sports Recovery is a sports fitness recovery center and spa.

We are innovators in sport recovery and excited to be one of the first facilities in Arizona to use Cryotherapy to treat sports injuries and chronic pain as well as provide Cryo facials!


What Can Rush Sports Recovery Do for You?

Whether you are an elite athlete who depends on staying healthy, an athletic enthusiast looking to get rid of a nagging pain in your knee or just need to recover from a recent injury, Rush Sports Recovery can help. With a range of customized services offered, from Cryotherapy, Compression Therapy, Muscle Stimulation and Physical Therapy, we will help you recover quickly and stay top of your game.


We offer customized treatments to help athletes and fitness-minded individuals of all levels and ages recover faster and help perform at a higher level during workouts and competitions. Cryotherapy gives all athletes a competitive advantage by drastically decreasing their down time due to injury or soreness even after one short visit to our center.

We also cater to individuals with arthritis, circulatory issues, fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic injuries, post-operative recovery and more. Cryotherapy is a safe, non-invasive and natural pain therapy that draws blood to the core of the body stimulating the production of endorphins, hence decreasing the perception of the pain. For pain management, Cryotherapy can be used alone or in conjunction with physical therapy, compression therapy, massage, and muscle stim.

In addition, we offer Cryo Facials, geared towards individuals who wish to unwind and relax while reaping the benefits of medically proven results focused on repairing and rejuvenating the hair, lashes, face, neck and décolleté. Hair and eyelash growth is stimulated at the follicle level, promoting healthy, luminous hair and lush lashes. During a Cryotherapy Facial, the body activates collagen production deep in the dermal layer of the skin, leaving your skin firm and tight. With repeated sessions, the skin will be firmer, fine lines and wrinkles will be diminished. Pores will decrease in size and inflammation and puffiness will be reduced. The Spot Cryo treatment also helps alleviate chronic migraines.

To learn more about how the different treatments at Rush Sports Recovery can help you, or to make an appointment, call (623) 780-2285 today.