Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help relieve pain, increase mobility, and reduce the need for medications after an injury, surgery or from everyday chronic pain.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Athletes

Athletes are aware that becoming sidelined from an injury is a real possibility regardless of fitness or skill level. Physical therapy can help reduce the risks of re-injury and ensure the injury does not become chronic.


When an injury occurs, physical therapy can help an athlete rebuild strength and regain range of motion in the area of injury. It will also help manage the pain and prevent permanent damage and mitigate recurring problems.

The physical therapist will first establish a baseline of strength, range of motion and flexibility to create a customized treatment plan to rehabilitate the injured area,gain range of motion and strengthen the surrounding muscles. You will also be taught vital strength training exercises and stretches with the proper techniques to build up the muscles in the injured area.

Your treatment plan may also call for Cryo Therapy, Compression Therapy, heat, ultrasound, or muscle stimulation. Your physical therapist will be with you every step of the way, monitoring progress and helping you to achieve your desired goals.

Can Physical Therapy Prevent an Injury?

The premise of physical therapy is to rehabilitate the body after injury and prevent chronic injury. Incorporating Physical Therapy into your fitness routine can help keep your body working synergistically, hence mitigating potential injuries.

How Can Physical Therapy Help People with Chronic Pain?

When living with chronic pain, physical therapy is one of the best tools available for treating pain. Physical therapy will increase range of motion and help the body to work more holistically.


During the physical therapy session you may do:

  • Stretches – your physical therapist will push you only as far as you can go.
  • Strengthening exercises – you may use machines, your own body weight or resistance bands.
  • Low-impact aerobics training – by walking fast on a treadmill, or biking slowly on a stationary bike, you’ll bring your heart rate up but it will be easy on your joints.

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