The Cryofacial™ is a relaxing and enjoyable experience

Each treatment lasts 10-12 minutes and it’s recommended that the Cryofacial™ be repeated a few times a for 5 weeks. After repeated applications, clients will see a vibrant difference in the elasticity and youthfulness of their skin, all without surgery, down time or pain.

How does it work?

Cryo Facials are given with a specialized wand which applies pressurized, super cooled liquid nitrogen vapor directly to the scalp, lashes, face and neck to reduce pore size, decrease wrinkles and lines, improve blood flow, brighten dark spots, and decrease under eye circles. Collagen production is stimulated deep within the dermal layer and hair growth is increased at the follicle level.

Vasoconstriction shrinks pore sizes and stimulates collagen production, thus tightening the skin and reducing wrinkles. Under eye circles will diminish and dark spots will fade. You will also notice a reduction in inflammation and puffiness. The Cryo Facial has also proven to help treat chronic skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. The Cryo Facial is also a wonderful tool to aide in accelerated recovery from post-operative procedures, dental work, broken noses, black eyes, etc.

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